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Canina Investment has been specializing in Real Estate Development both locally in Vancouver, Canada as well as abroad since 2014.
We have substantial experience in building shopping malls, industrial units, commercial buildings as well as high end residential homes. Our success in the industry has been contributed by various teams of experts in multiple fields,
our clients, and our dedication to producing high quality projects that exceeds the standards.
Each project is carefully created with innovation, attention to detail, and maximizes its full potential.

With unique boutique hotel projects locally in Vancouver, Canada as well as Asia,

Canina Investment has gathered a wealth of knowledge in this industry.

Exceptional and intuitive customer service combined with a high end experience together, sets an elegant ambiance for each for our hotels. We value each of our customers, partners, as well as employees to create a strong network

which contributes to high performance and positive feedback.

Real Estate Development
Hotel Development