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Product Features
Product Suitability

1. 100% natural ingredients -Enzymes fermented with Canadian-grown blueberries and lemons, brown sugar, purified natural water, and Keltrol.

On the package and label: Vaccinium Myrtillus (blueberry), citrus medica limonum (lemon), sucrose, purified water, and xanthan gum.

2. Chemical and oil free -【10H PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Mask】does not contain the following chemicals or oils (testing perform by SGS China):

• Glucocorticoids ❌

• Sexual hormones residues ❌

• Antibiotics like Metronidazole ❌

• Dichloromethane and 14 kinds of  

   components ❌

• Phthalates ❌

• Preservatives ❌

• Tetracyclines ❌

• Methanol ❌

• Fragrance allergens ❌

• Pesticide ❌

• Oil ❌

3. Bacteria free -【10H PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Mask】does not contain the following bacteria

(testing was performed by Maxxam Analytics Mississauga and meets the food products standard of Health Canada):

• Aerobic colony ❌

• Escherichia coli ❌

• Listeria spp. ❌

• Mould ❌

• Staphylococcus aureus ❌

• Salmonella ❌

• Total coliforms ❌

• Yeast ❌

4. Free of heavy metals -【10H PLUSBlueberry Enzyme Mask】does not contain the following heavy metals (testing was performed by SGS USA):

• Antimony ❌

• Arsenic ❌

• Barium ❌

• Cadmium ❌

• Chromium ❌

• Lead ❌

• Mercury ❌

• Selenium ❌

5. The product’s packaging is environmentally friendly.

Frosted-glass bottles protect the enzymes from UV rays and will effectively maintain the product’s quality.

6. All boxes, lids, spoons are made from Canadian wood and can be recycled after use. As a result, the negative effects of plasticizers are avoided.

Regular paper facial masks, gel facial masks, and powder facial masks are best applied to the skin
for only 15 to 20 minutes at a time because they contain harmful chemicals and metals.
THIS IS NOT TRUE for the 10H PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Mask!
With our mask, you can wear it all-night, every night. It is a sleeping facial mask with a soothing, mild, and natural blueberry scent that is suitable for any and all types of people and conditions.
10H PLUS Blueberry Enzyme Mask can effectively and efficiently repair skin cells
after laser treatments or other medical beauty treatments.

It is also very effective for the following:
- sensitive skin
- men's skin wellness
- kids' skin protection
- night owls
- after-sun repair
- people who always wear makeup
- women during pregnancy
- advocates of nature
- people who want to improve sleep quality
- people with eczema or other skin diseases
- people on the go