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Par-Tee Golf
Large Selection of Exclusive Brands
Par-Tee Golf is your one-stop-golf-expert who provides thousands+ professional golf ware product.
We are dedicated in providing the superb service and finding you the most suitable golf clubs and golf ware.

With Par-Tee Golf’s state of the art simulators, you will be able to find out if the clubs you are trying is suitable for you.
Along with our master fitters, we are sure to find the right clubs for you!
Though Par-Tee Golf takes great pride in being a one stop golf shop, we are far from a company offering only generic and popular brands.
We have made it our mission to source some of the most exclusive golf products on the market today
and are pleased to offer our clients access to luxury golf clubs, accessories, apparel and more
that can only be purchased in our Richmond flagship store.

A truly customized golf experience often begins with unique and “one of a kind” products.
We have partnered with the leading manufacturers of several luxury golf club and accessories firms to bring you golf goods and services
you cannot find anywhere else in North America.

We are proud to be the exclusive retailer for the following brands in Richmond and the Vancouver area:
Rock Dude, Tovho, Dance with DragonPearly Gates, PXG, J. Lindeberg, Efficace Homme,
Efficace, Akira, Itobori, Estivant, Metal Factory, Majesty, Yoshimura, G III, Epon